Chez Dré

Sitting close to the South Melbourne Market where a market with the freshest seafood lies Chez Dré, a french breakfast, lunch and patisserie restaurant catered for all. Chez Dré, a French-inspired sweet & savoury delights, treats.. you name it. The … Continue reading

Burch & Purchese

Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate (Nut Free)

Is a known patisserie headed by Darren Purchese. He’s known for his flavour balance and texture creativity. Combining delicious sweet decorations of jellies, sponges, mousses, cream, crumbles & spreads layer after layer. I’ve followed them at the 2013 Melbourne Show … Continue reading

Mandarin Oriental – Afternoon High Tea

Whenever I visit Hong Kong I would always try high tea at a 4-5 star hotel. This is because after currency conversion it turns out reasonably cheaper than if it was at Australia!

This time I checked into the lobby at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, which is a 5 star hotel. The hotel was within 4 minutes walking distance from Central mtr station. It’s definitely convenient for those who work at Central which is the Central Business District of Hong Kong with luxury branded retailers surrounding many well serviced hotels business and iconic buildings. The lobby specialised in delicacy and desserts. And it certainly delivered!

We initially ordered tea set for 2 persons, as advised by my aunt who tried Mandarin Oriental before. There was 3 of us but apparently 2 persons tea set was enough to fill us all,

After seeing the set it just didn’t seem to sparingly feed the 3 of us. Additionally, one of my friends didnt have breakfast/lunch, So we ordered a one person tea set also. And… it was the wrong decision!

By the end of the day we left one dessert on the tier. It was truely too much to fill 2 males and 1 female!
Lesson learnt: listen to my aunt and order 2 persons tea set when 3 people are dining.



I ordered a Mocha as my drink that came with the Tea set, but it wasn’t the best Mocha.. there wasn’t enough chocolate to kick off the taste and it tasted like a really light Latte unfortunately.

Salmon Sour Cream Chive Bagel & Cucumber Dill Cream Cheese Soft White Bread

Salmon Sour Cream Chive Bagel & Cucumber Dill Cream Cheese Soft White Bread

Dessert Platter

Dessert Platter

Jam for the Scones was wonderful.. it was made with rose petals and it was perfect with the scones.  It was also a good idea to spread both jam and the Devon Clotted Cream on the Plain scones.

Devon Clotted Cream & Rose Petal Jam

Devon Clotted Cream & Rose Petal Jam

Plain & Raisin Scones

Plain & Raisin Scones

Overall, I’d say the sandwiches lacked a bit of creativity compared with Langham hotel’s high tea. But the dessert was spot on! Sensational flavours from sweet and sour but not too sweet and bearable sourness!
The savoury pastries also kicked it off – Quiche [Bacon, Onion, Cheese] & Sausage Roll, Puff Pastry! Warm to the right edible temperature crispy on the outer and well flavoured in the inner.

Quiche Bacon Onion Cheese & Sausage Roll Puff Pastry

Quiche Bacon Onion Cheese & Sausage Roll Puff Pastry

My favourite would be the chocolate and waffle base cake – millefruille or it could be the ‘Hazelnut Cassis Mousse Cake’. The best dessert with the right size for tasting.

Rococo – Glenferrie Road

Sitting at the corner of Glenferrie Road and Hawthorne Grove lies Rococo Glenferrie Road. There is also Rococo Fitzroy Street Rococo and Acland St which is the original establishment of the Rococo Group. Catering for outdoor and indoor dining or just at the bar for couple of drinks and nibbles, their kitchen opens all day from breakfast to late…

It was a booking for a table for 14 at 7pm on a Saturday December night. The restaurant had a large indoor dining area and being in the festive month of December with many social gatherings, the restaurant wasn’t filled at that time.

We were seated right at the back of the restaurant next to the glassed cellar room. the evening was set with a candle lit ambience. I thought it was the perfect spot until I found that we were separated with the rest of the restaurant guests, dining next to a work party of 40 people. And we know what happens at work functions, there’s announcements and it gets routy! By the end of the night, it just got too noisy, we couldn’t hear each other within our table! So I had to take some points off from service.

Their menu comprised a range of antipasti, salads, pizza, pasta, risotto and paninis.

My meal was the Rococo specialty pasta with chicken and you can definitely taste the freshness of each ingredient. The texture of the pasta was just right, but I found it a bit thick for me as I’m use to spaghettis in number 2’s.

Deep fried Quail with mushroom risotto was much loved but the quail was hard to eat as it was two whole quails. We wish it was at least cut in half to be dine friendly.

My friends enjoyed the Salmon and the pizza too. It’s presentable and very colourful!

I’ve tried Rococo at Acland Street and it was a very good experience especially after a fun night of a friend’s engagement party – supper at Rococo – Acland Street was just what we needed! We were told that the Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese was the best and my boyfriend ordered this popular dish and it delivered~! But, the Spag-bol at Rococo at Glenferrie Road was missing something… something I can’t put to words… sorry~

Dessert? was amazing! I loved the Strawberries and Cream. The meringue definitely completes the taste of the Strawberries and Cream. It added the crunch and chewiness which enlightened the sweet dribbling syrup and melting ice cream. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of it, I was too keen on getting the first bite!

Summing up… I would recommend Rococo Glenferrie for a nice gathering with the added price for ambience, but I personally wouldn’t visit regularly. It was a lovely environment to catch up with long lost friends – apart from the loudness from other guests. But what can you do? I guess if the restaurant knew its a work function they should really sit them at the back of the restaurant and not sit them in the middle to disturb other guests.
** I also think there’s a difference in quality of food between Rococo Glenferrie Rd and Acland St…

Trading Hours:
Monday-Sunday: Breakfast – Late
Location: 797 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorne

Tasteelicious Rating:
Service: 2/5
Ambience: 5/5
Mains: 3/5
Drinks: NA
Dessert: 5/5
Overall: 15/20

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