About Tasteelicious

It sparked from taking photos of presentable food all the time. But I had no use of keeping all the food photos if I don’t share them.

Tasteelicious has been out and about since late 2013 – hoping to share the foodie experience to help those who want to consider restaurants but aren’t too sure…

This page serves a reminder of my accident in Sep2015. Coming out with a fractured ankle, I had been captive at home unable to walk as much as I use to. Sitting at home, reflecting on how blessed I am makes me appreciate the simplest things in life. I now take Tasteelicious as an opportunity to admire idols who make everyday food become extraordinary from their creativity and courage.

It’s about who you are with and the experiences that is taken with you… I believe in a good experience with the best company. I realised the simple things in life could make one so happy – whether it be colour, flavour or a memory…

Tasteelicious ventures to the heart of Melbourne and the Eastern suburbs. Delighted by taste and experiences of what we have around us… You may also find some foodie stories around the world as I explore further beyond…

Quick reviews for casual dining are also written via Zomato.

xxView my food journey on Zomato!View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

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  1. Thanks! I just approved your blog claim. Now your Urbanspoon profile picture is displayed on your blog page. You can upload a blog-specific photo if you prefer, and can change a few other blog settings there. Also, if you vote for a restaurant that you’ve reviewed on your blog, we now show your vote next to your post everywhere on our site.





  2. Hi,

    I’ve added a new feature so you can publish your blog posts on Urbanspoon yourself without having to wait for us to do it! Here’s how it works:

    – Make sure you’re signed into Urbanspoon.
    – Go to your Urbanspoon blog page (not your user profile): https://www.urbanspoon.com/br/71/12174/Melbourne/tasteelicious.html
    – Click “Edit blog settings”.
    – In the Pending Posts section, click “Edit and publish my pending posts”.
    – Then, enter the “snippet” text, verify the date and URL, and press Publish.

    Please make sure that:
    – The URL should be the permalink to the blog post (not the blog home page, a category page, a post preview, or a service like feedproxy).
    – The snippet should be 3-4 sentences (quoted from your blog post) that gives an idea of what’s in the post.
    – The snippet should NOT include bylines, dates, address info, captions, tags, HTML code, etc.

    If reviewing a restaurant that is part of a chain, only add a spoonback for one of the locations. The only exception to this is if you are specifically and in detail reviewing more than one of the locations.

    Note: there may be a delay of 1-2 hours after you post on your blog until our system detects the post.

    We’ll give you one week to do it yourself, then it’ll go into our queue to publish.

    Thank you for all of your contributions, and let me know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,



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